Learner Excellence Programme

Our Excellence Programme is designed to provide extra tuition and support in Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting to Grade 12 learners from schools that fall within the Provincial Quintile 1 to 3 sectors.

The learners are selected from the poorest of the poor township communities and although they are dedicated and work hard, may not always be exposed to top class teaching and learning. Our Excellence programme ensures that learners are exposed to best of practice teachers to accelerate their subject knowledge, application and problem solving skills. This results in vastly improved Matric results, which in turn opens doors to bursary opportunities and a better future.

The programme includes:

  • Saturday and school holiday tuition classes with over 200 hours of intensive classroom time
  • Catering for each learner
  • Learner travel/taxi fares to each teaching venue
  • Content specific study material for each subject
  • Extra worksheets, past exams and support material to expand understanding and application
  • Continual learner assessments and evaluation
  • Hands-on experiments for Physical Science
  • Study skills and exam techniques


Period:  2 years

Learner selection:  Township schools in Gauteng (mainly Quintile 1 and 2)

Number of learners:  104

Attendance stats:  96%

Subject distinctions:

Mathematics: from 10 to 27

Physical Science: from 4 to 18

Accounting: from 4 to 5 (Subject only offered in the 2nd year)

Overall distinctions:

from 18 to 50 (based on Grade 11 baselines compared to the final Matric results obtained) 

Notable achievements that showed vast improvements: