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To grow a sense of purpose by sharing the gift of knowledge.

We are committed to quality education and training for life-long learning, ensuring that all South Africans irrespective of race or gender are afforded the opportunity to learn, progress and grow the skills, abilities and insights that will enable them to achieve their life goals.


iSabelo Learning was established because of the need within Previously Disadvantaged Communities and Schools, to improve Education and the transfer and application of learned knowledge. Informally, iSabelo Learning has been in the process of redressing the Education inequities through the provision of quality educational content and effective training that is accessible to all Educators and learners, regardless of background or social standing.

Working with a focus on changing lifestyles to ensure success, is essential to our education principles. The manner in which a person thinks and solves problems is core to this and the support systems. For this reason, iSabelo Learning not only focuses on the FET school subjects, but also includes the life skills components, community associations, entrepreneurial skills, training and career opportunities.


Our structure consists of mainly women. Our facilitators are excellent and fall within the B-BBEE ratios and are a part of the process because of their ability and expertise and not because they have been selected based on race. Our B-BBEE status is as a Level Four Contributor as per the DTI National B-BBEE Registry.

Facilitators and Content Developers:

We use the services and contract 186 facilitators and content developers.

Staff Gender:

Females:         74%

Males:              26% 

Staff Race:

Black:              33%

Asian:              18%

Coloured:         16%

White:              33%


iSabelo Learning has hand picked facilitators and content developers that are dynamic, knowledgeable and experienced.  All our facilitators are regarded as curricula specialists in their specific subject fields and have extensive experience as markers/chief markers, Internal Provincial Moderators and examiners of Final Matric examinations and are very involved within their provincial cluster groups.  They have all presented their subjects in various previously disadvantaged schools and are therefore acutely aware of the educational shortcomings and the needs of the Learners. Many of our content developers are textbook authors and are experienced in dealing with Learners and Educators alike. With outstanding, dedicated staff, we have shown year after year, that we do indeed make a resounding difference in the results achieved by our project schools.


iSabelo Learning offers a comprehensive and integrated education solution. Our commitment is extended into the Education and Training arenas and encompassed most FET and GET subjects, Learnerships and Apprenticeships, Leadership and Management training for School Senior Management (SMT), motivation and training of subject specific content to teachers and revision programmes for Learners. We endeavour to provide training that is for the development of people, impact, results and sustainability, not purely numbers.

4.1.      Curriculum Interventions

iSabelo Learning has developed programmes and teaching interventions for Departments of Education and funded projects for fourteen years now. These have included:

  • FET phase Teacher Training in 10 school subjects;
  • Matric revision in 10 FET subjects;
  • Girl Child Learner project (D6-Gauteng);
  • Teacher training for GET phases in Natural Sciences, Mathematics and English FAL as well as Foundation phase training in the three curriculum subjects;
  • In partnership with the National Department of Education and Primestars - the TDS Matric Revision Maths and Science programme;
  • We have provided all the content, for Grades 1 to 12 for the Telkom Edunet website;
  • We are able to meet the criteria outlines within the new CAPS for 11 FET subjects (Grades 10, 11 and 12), 12 Senior phase subjects (Grades 8 and 9), 10 GET phase subjects (Grades 4 to 7) and 3 Foundation Phase components;
  • We have developed all the subject content for the GDE/Sci-Bono SIPP intervention in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016, which has proved to be very successful in increasing Matric results for the Gauteng Province;
  • We have developed and provided all the questions for the Mintek Maths and Science Provincial and National Quizzes from 2011 to 2016;
  • We have conducted subject specific teacher training in various Provinces on the NCS and the new CAPS syllabi from 2008 to 2017;
  • We have conducted revision sessions for Grades 10, 11 and 12 for the UBS funded Cosmo City/Diepsloot school project, the MBSA funded Tshwane West Schools project, the Exxaro funded Delmas Schools project and the Exxaro funded Grootegeluk/Lephalale School Improvement project with great success;
  • The Council for the Built Environment (CBE) Gauteng Top Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science Learner project in 2014 which is to enhance accelerated learning to enable the learners to have access to bursaries for tertiary education; and
  • The Siyakha Excellence programme in Pretoria and Johannesburg regions of Gauteng to the Top Grade 12 Boy and Girl learners in Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting Learner project during 2016, to enhance accelerated learning thereby enabling and the learners to have access to bursaries for tertiary education. This project saw 33 Matric distinctions achieved by the 50 learners on the programme.

4.2.      Production of Educational DVD Material and Broadcasts

Cathy Hastie has been involved with television broadcasts and the production of video/DVD material since 1993. Based on this knowledge set and first hand experience within underperforming schools and the shortfalls within subject specific content delivery, iSabelo Learning has provided effective education solutions. We have designed, formulated, project managed, provided subject specific

content and recorded Matric Revision onto DVD format. These revision series have been used in the Maths and Science Revision programme that was screened at Sterkinekor movie theatres during 2007, 2008 and 2009.

We further produced, project managed, provided the content and presenters for a six-subject Matric revision and Teacher Training series recorded in 2009/2010. The subject content of the DVD revision projects is now out of date and requires reformulation and recording. Our subject specific DVD Matric Revision series was completed with full co-operation and support of the Department of Basic Education, SADTU and SACE (South African Council of Educators).

4.3.      FET interventions for Learners:

The development, supply and facilitation of Learning Support Material that purposely integrates study skills, exam techniques, Career Guidance and motivation to Learners in the following FET subjects:

  • English (Home Language)
  • English (1st Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematic Literacy
  • Physical Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Geography
  • History
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Life Orientation

This is achieved with study note sets, summaries and worksheets specifically formulated and aligned to the new CAPS.

Provision of intensive tuition and revision sessions for Learners where subject content, application of content, exam techniques and time allocation is taught and revised during holiday camps and Saturday classes. 

Life Skills, Motivation, Career Guidance and Leadership training for Learners within our project schools.

4.4.      Interventions for School Staff:

We encourage the staff to bring personal and collective knowledge and leadership forward to enable strong learning relationships within and across teams, thus creating a supportive structure, which applauds learning and creativity.

Leadership and Management training for Executive School staff which includes:

  • Strategies and planning
  • Analysis of results
  • People Management
  • Change Management
  • Building and Sustaining Effective Teams
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Senior Management Team program
  • Curriculum and subject specific training for Educators in the FET Phase, GET phase and the Foundation Phase which includes:
    • Interpretation and Application of the CAPS objectives;
    • Facilitation of subject specific content and how to teach this effectively within the classroom to ensure up-skilling and development of teachers; and
    • The development, supply and facilitation of Learning Support Material that purposely integrates everything a teacher requires to teach effectively, including Classroom Management and Discipline.
  • Vuka Uzazi: a 6 hour course that has been specially designed by an Educational Psychologist to assist teachers to know themselves and to address self motivation, positivity and improve relationships between the staff and also management.

4.5.      Learnership, Internships and Apprenticeship programmes:

iSabelo Learning consulted for the Gauteng Shared Service Centre for 4 years to assist with the implementation of Learnerships, Internships and Apprenticeships within the Gauteng Province. More than 12 000 unemployed people were provided with an opportunity to an education and a better life in the 2006/2007 financial year period. Our programme offer includes everything from project management to facilitating SETA registration and accreditation as pay-roll of learner stipends.

4.6.      Content Design and Development:

Curriculum content is designed, customized and developed based on the needs of the client. This may take the format of FET Learner summaries and note sets, Teacher Preparation/Subject Files, Workshop courses for Educators and Senior School Management Team employees, Power Point slides of content for Teachers, seminars and Learner subject revision sessions, etc.

4.7.      Analytical Research, Monitoring and Evaluation:

We offer the full spectrum of research, monitoring and evaluation for any and all projects through VES. Evaluation processes are conducted to provide baseline, midterm and impact evaluation. Expertise and experience includes: literature review for research purposes; designing of self-administered-, individual- and focus group instruments; conducting a pilot survey to validify the measuring instruments; data collection and fieldwork; qualitative and quantitative analysis of information obtained and producing national and provincial reports an behalf of the funder. 


iSabelo Learning was born in 2003. We are proud of the strong and lasting relationships that we have built with our clients and our solid reputation for successful delivery over the past 14 years.

Our clients/partners include but is not limited to:

  • Exxaro Coal Leeuwpan (Delmas) and Grootegeluk (Lephalale)
  • United Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
  • Funda Afrika and Mercedes Benz South Africa (MBSA)
  • Mindset Network
  • Mintek
  • Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
  • Siyakha Education Trust
  • Council for the Built Environment (CBE)
  • Mpumalanga Department of Education
  • Gauteng Department of Education
  • Anglo Plat
  • Gauteng Shared Service Centre (GSSC)
  • SASOL - Osizweni Trust
  • Western Cape Department of Education
  • Free State Department of Education
  • Eastern Cape Department of Education
  • SABC Education
  • Learning Channel
  • Primedia On-Line
  • Telkom - Edunet
  • Primestars
  • Vivlia Publishing
  • The Sowetan
  • Sangari
  • Telkom Directory Services (TDS)
  • Transparency International (TI)
  • Teach SA
  • eDegree
  • AdVtech


iSabelo Learning is a multi-skilled training and educational company. Our primary goal is the empowerment, motivation and upliftment of Learners and Educators/Teachers, so they are able to proceed with confidence and knowledge. We have the ability to provide disadvantaged Learners with the opportunity for better pass rates, which will assist them in their further life endeavours and a better future economic situation. Within Learnership and Apprenticeship programmes, Learners are afforded an opportunity to learn and obtain experiential training while receiving financial assistance. Educators are assisted in transferring subject content in an interesting, aligned, motivating and passionate manner for the empowerment of all Learners. Finally, the School Executive staff is provided with the tools to ensure that their school works as a team, to enhance the education process and facilitate the success of all their Learners.