Our Services

iSabelo Learning offers a comprehensive and integrated education solution focused on both Learners and Teachers, that increases subject knowledge and teacher effectiveness, delivering improved examination pass rates.


Learner Programmes:

  • Provide intensive revision sessions for Learners where subject content, application of content, exam techniques and study skills are taught, revised and reinforced.

  • Extension Learning to top achievers in Mathematic and Physical Science to achieve outstanding results in these subjects. Subjects covered: Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, Life Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, Economics History, English First Additional Language and Mathematical Literacy.


Teacher Training and Development programmes:

  • Address subject knowledge and skills shortfall within the curriculum and how to teach effectively and with passion.

  • Teachers are encouraged to bring personal and collective knowledge and leadership to all our training programmes, developing strong learning relationships within the teams.

  • Subjects covered: Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, Life Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, Economics History, English First Additional Language and Mathematical Literacy.


Executive School Team Programmes:

  • Leadership and Management training, Strategies and Planning, People Management, Change Management, Building and Sustaining Effective Teams, Communicating with Impact, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Time Management, Stress Management, and Monitoring & Evaluation processes.


Classroom Management & Discipline:

  • Practical training that includes the pedagogics of effective teaching.


Vuka Uzazi:

  • A 6 hour course that has been specially designed by iSabelo in conjunction with an Educational Psychologist to assist teachers to know themselves better. The programme addresses positivity, self-motivation and understanding that delivers improved relationships and teamwork within the school staff body.


Content Design and Development:

  • All Curriculum content is CAPS aligned to the subject grade and curriculum requirements are designed, customized, developed and published in various forms.

  • Learner and Teacher support materials include note sets, workbooks, worksheets, past examination papers.


Career Guidance and Learner Aptitude Assessments:

iSabelo Learning offers a Career Guidance programme designed for Grade 9 learners.   Workshops are scheduled to take place on Saturdays in Term 1 and 2. Our programme includes goal setting, planning and time management, knowing yourself and self motivation, a selection of possible career paths, assistance with subject selection in Grade 10, exam techniques and study skills.


Academic Support Programmes (ASP):

The main aim of the ASP is to increase the subject pass rates within project schools. The programme specifically addresses the academic needs of learners that have achieved less than 30% in one or more subjects or have been progressed from Grade 11 to Grade 12.

The ASP process includes thorough revision of subject content, drilling of basics, study skills, exam techniques and mini assessments given during tutoring sessions. Learners are provided with easy to understand printed study materials that further assist with exam preparation.  

ASP Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.


Whole School Development:

Classroom Management and Discipline:

The CM&D is a 2 day workshop specifically designed to assist 1st year / new / inexperienced teachers and teachers who may have discipline and classroom management difficulties. The programme includes how to create a learning environment, planning, preparation, lesson execution, assessment, recording and reporting, recognition and remediation, maintaining discipline.

Teacher Development:

Teacher Development workshops are designed to address subject specific knowledge shortfalls and hone effective teaching techniques. The programme includes the development, supply and facilitation of Learning Support Material that purposely integrates everything a teacher requires to teach effectively and with confidence.

Senior Management Training:

The SMT programme addresses the specific roles and responsibilities of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Subject Heads of Department within the school. Where possible, project schools are grouped together to encourage staff to bring personal and collective knowledge and leadership forward, enabling strong learning relationships within and across teams. This creates a supportive structure that applauds learning and creativity.