Mbali (Mafa Max Motloung, Delmas, 2017)

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Mbali took part in our Mafa Max Motloung Programme in Delmas in 2017. She achieved in Mathematics, Accounting, Economics and Business Studies in obtaining 72%, 80%, 89% and 78% respectively. We are so proud of her and can only hope that more woman follow in her steps. This is what Mbali had to say...


"My name is Mbali ... I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Accounting Science (BAccSci) student at Wits University. I completed my Matric in 2017 at Mafa Max Motloung secondary school in Delmas, with a Bachelor pass and a few distinctions.  I pride myself with the marks that I obtained in Matric, because I worked very hard for them and they got me an admission into one of the best universities in Africa, I received Mayoral awards and last but not least, obtained a full bursary to fund me through out my degree.

However, it wouldn't be nice for me to take all the credit by myself. That is why I would love to extend my gratitude to all my teachers (both internal and external) who held my hand and walked me through to the end of my school journey.  By external teachers, I mean that we had access to the most phenomenal tutoring programme by iSabelo Learning. These teachers really helped me with exam techniques, writing skills, time management during the exam, subject information and provided us with lots of question papers and the list goes on. As the Chinese proverb says "Tell me, I forget.  Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand ". That is practically what iSabelo did with us in class during school holidays and on Saturdays - learning to understand!  I can not thank you enough. You are all the best iSabelo."

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